AWAKENING: A tribute to Shahbaz Bhatti and the consequence of Blasphemy (Sharia) Law

“At a recent dinner hosted by the International Christian Voice, Hon Jason Kenney spoke regarding his relationship with martyr Shahbaz Bhatti (former Federal Minister for Minorities Pakistan), as well as martyr Bhatti’s remarkable meeting with our Prime Minister (Harper). The event detailed the life and work of Shahbaz Bhatti, specifically regarding his continued attempts for the repeal of Pakistan’s Blasphemy (Sharia) Law.

The event was attended by Hon Bal Gosal, and many other MPs and dignitaries including Dr. Lambha, and pastors of various churches such as Pastor Steve Long from Catch the Fire (Airport Fellowship Church Toronto). 500+ guests were also in attendance, along with members of organizations such as the Canadian Hindu Advocacy, Canadian Coptic Association, Christian Heritage Party, and many others.

During the event a special presentation was made to highlight the state sponsered persecution in Pakistan, and it’s effects on the religious minorities (Sikhs, Hindus, Ahmadiyyas and most of all Christians), as well as the consequences of fighting against it (i.e. the martyrdom of Shahbaz Bhatti). The video was immensely touching, and brought even Mr. Kenney to tears.

This link shows that video, which I hope can be shown on a larger scale in order to inspire others to speak out against this atrocity and to prevent Canada from succumbing to the same tyranny in the future.”

“Life in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is at best a struggle for the millions of religious minorities who call it home. Each and every day, state sponsored persecution occurs with chronic regularity via the Blasphemy (Sharia) Law. Shahbaz Bhatti fought for the religious, educational and economic freedom of all of these minorities, regardless of their caste creed or affiliation; until on March 2nd, 2011 he too met the same fate awarded to them. Death. This tribute was made on behalf of the organization which he began in Canada in order to reveal this injustice to the world.

The examples shown in this presentation are some of those who have been silenced but every year thousands more join them. Help spread the word and speak out now for the voiceless, awaken the world.”

This was sent to my attention with a request that I post it.