spells out educational strategy for the “Tyrannical Culture” they live under in Canada

Someone really ought to forward this to Chris Spence of the TDSB. The following screen shots are taken from a document on the online library entitled “Muslim Youth in the West – Towards a new education strategy“.

It’s a lovely document carefully outlining the steps required to assure that Muslims are not integrated into the “Tyrannical Culture” that is Canada. As is happening with the TDSB it outlines a broad strategy  to co-opt the state school system and ensure that “Islamic needs”, especially with regard to girls, are met, all of which will contribute to the stated goal of establishing an Islamic Society.

“When surrounded by an alien, secular, tyrannical culture…”

“To sum up: even growing up and remaining muslims with an Islamic identity, being acepted as a minority, would be impossible unless we give our youth the goal of making the society Muslim. Primarily because such is the nature of Islam.”

Well at least their upfront about it.

I’ve posted on in the past, they love terrorists and Jihad.  But to say that makes me a bigot;)

Who links to the Youngmuslims web site? Who else but the Muslim Brotherhood, aka the “Muslim Association of Canada”.