Muslim Hate Preachers At NAMF Invite “Hatemonger” Ezra Levant To Debate

“After describing NAMF as a radical Muslim group that brings in hate preachers, Mr. Levant said: “NAMF is a platform for extremism, including anti-Semitism and even justification for terrorist attacks.”

NAMF Director Farooq Khan said this is not true. “He has accused us of providing a platform for terrorism. If this is true, we have broken the law. If any illegal or criminal act has occurred why has no legal action been taken? We’re a 38-year-old organization. CISIS, the RCMP and the police know us very well.”

Moreover, in order to let both sides of the dispute air their views publicly, Mr. Khan said NAMF is preparing to invite the “hate monger” Ezra Levant to come and speak in a debate.

“If it’s within the parameters of the law, it’s fair game. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right. Let’s practice it.”

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