“What happened to all the nice white people who used to live here?”

Guest post by BTDT

Trudeaucratic’s Multiculturalism according to George Jonas …

“… encouraged and rewarded a new type of immigrant, who was no longer a settler, here to fit in, prosper, and put down roots; a refugee, trying to weather a storm; or even an enterprising gold digger making his fortune before returning home. No: The new type was a conqueror whose quest was to alter Canada to suit him and his tribe.

… didn’t mean “to contribute to alienation, dissension and terror in the world. It would surprise me if Canada’s pirouetting bon vivant leader envisaged the 21st century to be ushered in by disaffected Muslims shooting Dutch politicians, crashing airliners into Manhattan skyscrapers, and blowing themselves up in London buses and Madrid trains. Trudeau & Co. pursued their policies because, while stumbling about in the mist of the 1960s, aggravated by what Tom Wolfe called a “quasi-Marxist fog,” they came to believe that the ills of the planet were due to Western ways, and the sooner they could replace the crumbling edifice with a New Left Utopia, the better.”

… created “ethnic engineers aimed at changing the European character of Canada. … Trudeau’s ambitious, unannounced, and probably unexamined design was to take the country out of the ambit of Christendom within two or three generations altogether, and make it the vanguard of the Third World in the Western Hemisphere.”

Beyond his wildest dreams, and our wildest nightmares, Trudeau’s “progressive-liberal-socialist” blueprint for Canada has succeeded, especially in ridding our public squares of DWEMs (Dead White European Males) and Christians, to our great detriment.

Too many of our immigrants are squatters in Canada, the world’s hotel, with no commitment to this country and its citizens, other than what they can squeeze out of the rest of us. Even some immigrants to Canada aren’t buying it. As a Korean neighbour said to George Jonas’s wife also of Korean extraction:

“What happened to all the nice white people who used to live here?”