Misunderstanders Of Islam: Stephen Harper a “neo-Nazi social Darwinist”

“…She said Harper was a member of the ultra-right wing Northern Foundation in 1989, quoting a book authored by Trevor Harrison entitled “Of Passionate Intensity.”

In his book, Harrison documents that the foundation comprised neo-Nazi social Darwinist intellectuals, Chin wrote in The Canadian newspaper.”

Wow I gotta subscribe to that paper!

From the articles comments” “…However, it is bad and Harper lost his creditibility within Muslim community across the country and going forward would not be considered to participate in any Muslim event nor for single vote. ” Frickin Bonus!

Syed Soharwardy asks the dumbest question about Islam ever…”Why did you link Islam with fanatics and the terrorists?  I do not see anywhere in Canadian laws that the Prime Minister of Canada can also define people’s faith. We know our faith very well and we do not find fascism, fanaticism, extremism, terrorism, radicalism and hate for anyone in our faith.”  h/t Sanwin

h/t Scaramouche.