JDL Issues Statement On “All Jews need to be sterilized” Controversy At York U


During the past 24 hours, a controversy has erupted over the comments of York University Assistant Professor Cameron Johnston who stated in his class that “Jews need to be sterilized.” York University has evolved into a campus that tolerates anti semitism. It is within this climate that a Professor was able to utter such vile hate. Below are some recent examples of anti semitism on campus:

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University workers in the Canadian Union of Public Employees have passed a controversial motion calling for an academic boycott of Israel

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The Jewish Defence League of Canada calls on York University to remove Professor Johnston from their campus.

For more information call 416-736-7000

Further to this story members of the Jewish community have expressed dismay with the statement issued by the Canadian Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs given York’s history of intolerance.

The following e-mail was leaked to me:

From: R Lantos

Sent: Friday, July 08, 2011 12:11 AM
To: amnonb@yorku.ca

Dear Amnon,

I have screened the student films. On the end credits of one of them I noticed the name John Greyson. I went back and checked the ones I had already seen and realised his name is on all of them.

The involvement of this individual presents an insurmountable problem for me. Greyson has been an aggressive advocate of hate propaganda directed against the Jewish Homeland and its people. He spearheaded the crusade to boycott TIFF a couple of years ago because of the Festival’s spotlight on films from Tel Aviv. By championing the censorship and oppression of art due to the ethnicity of the artists he violated the most sacred principles of free expression and betrayed his own profession, losing all credibility as a film maker. Subsequently, he attempted to organize a boycott of Tel Aviv University’s Student Film Festival and forged the name of James Cameron on a list of his alleged supporters. He fraudulently attempted to use his podium to sabotage the free flow of ideas in order to promote his own prejudices.

As a film maker, I will not be involved with conferring laurels on any film that is associated with someone who takes a page from the fascist handbook to try and suppress works of art. As a Jew, I will not be associated with someone who promotes hate propaganda against my people. (Fashionable as that may be in certain circles).

Some of the York student films show evidence of skill and talent. So I regret that I have no alternative but to resign from the Cinesiege Jury.

Robert Lantos