Ezra Levant Interviews Bill Whatcott

Ezra Levant Interviews Bill Whatcott

Background: Supreme Court to hear anti-gay activist’s case

“Canada’s highest court will hear the case of a former Regina man accused of promoting hatred against gays. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court of Canada granted leave to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission to appeal a lower court decision on the case of Bill Whatcott.

In 2001 and 2002, Whatcott, a member of the Christian Truth Activists group, distributed flyers in Saskatoon and Regina, some of them saying schoolchildren were being taught propaganda about gay people.”

Ezra Levant & SunTV Diversity Officer Kathy Shaidle On Bill Whatcott


(September 7, 2011) This is the documentary a lot of people don’t want you to see. The Moon Brothers are putting out a limited release of the DVD of FREEDOM OF WHAT?COTT beginning in September 2011.

This documentary is controversial, to say the least. Bill Whatcott is an activist that pushes the boundaries on topics such as homosexuality. In fact, he’s on his way to the Supreme Court of Canada over whether or not his activism falls under “free speech” or “hate speech”. The case will be heard on October 12, 2011.

The documentary aims to provoke discussion on this issue.

The producers have decided to donate ten percent from the DVD sales to the charity Gifted Hands NYC for their work with AIDS/HIV patients. Gifted Hands NYC works at locations like Rivington House, an AIDS care center based in Lower Manhattan.

FREEDOM OF WHAT?COTT is now available through various outlets, including digital download on Amazon.com. For a Special DVD Order price of $11.99 + free shipping until September 12th, go to http://freedomofwhatcott.blogspot.com

K and I have watched the documentary. It is extremely balanced and fair to all sides on this issue. If Whatcott’s opponents come across less than favourably on occasion it is solely because their arguments amount to ” But he hurt our feelings!” I recommend this highly. I mean the video, not hurting feelings;)