Guest Post by BTDT: Finally Some Media Sanity On Layton’s Death That Isn’t By SunTV Or Christie Blatchford

Finally, some media sanity — which only SunTV and Christie Blatchford provided up till now — on the issue of Jack Layton’s cancer and its effect on how people cast, or didn’t cast, their ballots in the last election. Lysiane Gagnon: “What if Quebeckers had known the whole story about Jack Layton?”

After a comment last week by Olivia Chow, in which she said she didn’t want to reveal what type of cancer killed her husband because it might “discourage” other cancer sufferers, Gagnon asks, “Why treat [cancer sufferers] like children incapable of making a distinction between Mr. Layton’s fate and their own?”

Well, Lysiane, the answer’s self-evident: The NDP always treat others, whether cancer sufferers or voters, like children. They know what’s best for us, so our responsibility is simply to be hardworking Canadian families who fill the NDP coffers and they make the decisions about how to spend our money. No questions asked because there won’t be any answers — at least, any answers that mirror reality.

It’s highly doubtful that Jack Layton and the NDP would have got all of those Quebec votes had the voters known the full extent of Mr. Layton’s health issues. So, in order to spare some cancer sufferers “sensibilities,” the NDP appears to have perpetrated a deception.

‘No surprise, as smoke and mirrors is their usual modus operandi.

by BTDT – Been There, Done That.