SIOA Rally New York

A Great Rally. Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer did an excellent job and deserve our thanks for their superb efforts. There was a good turnout and the speakers were fabulous. I have a lot of pics and film to sort through. But right now K and I are beat and heading to bed. We have been on the go since our arrival and it’s finally caught up to us. After the rally Ezra was kind enough to take us to dinner, an amazing Brazilian steakhouse whose name we’ll never be able to pronounce let alone remember.

The speakers were all professionally filmed. which leaves me with a bit of a dilemna. My equipment is ok in situations without a lot of background noise. While the audio is ok, I’m concerned my work will detract from the speakers message – and they were all passionate. I may decide to wait until the official versions are online and post them, your experience will be better.

Lots of pics tomorrow;)