New York New York…What A Wonderful Town….

The Westboro Baptist Church showed their deranged faces at the memorial this morning.

Kath expressing her opinion as they were “escorted” away. She managed to trip one who had harrumphed “Subtle” in response. Think about that.

Lot’s of strange sites, “The Doggie Of The Cross”

The 911 Truthers were out in force on Broadway, stationed primarily across from St. Paul’s.

…And then along came Terry…

Terry Jones that is…very pleasant guy to chat with

Kath got into an argument with some Troofers in front of St. Pauls. Go figure. A native New Yorker was gonna punch the troofers lights out, thankfully an Officer Mooney intervened and moved the troofers across the street.

The Park 51 memorial mosquers made a showing, a very poor one, only 3 individuals that I could see.

Don’t ask me…who this guy was with

This was a close as we got to Obama, whether this was a decoy motorcade we’ll never know.

The Memorial was locked down tight and effectively closed to the general public. These huge public monitors we’re about as close as you could get.

This is what makes America Great. A Vietnamese emigre and his flag.

Cars and dogs too.

We’re heading out to the SIOA event now.

More later.