9/11 on Film: Documentaries

“There are two things that strike you about a film like 102 Minutes; the first is that cameras were running as the planes struck, and so many more were turned on as the morning unfolded. All over New York, people knew that what they were watching was momentous, and they felt obligated to capture it, along with their own shocked and even hysterical reactions to what they were seeing.

The second is that, while countless bystanders are seen using their cellphones, none of them hold them at arm’s length, staring at their screens as they capture the action in front of them on the cameras that almost all of us carry with us nowadays – this universally recognized attitude that’s a testament to our ability to find detachment in the face of almost any spectacle, newly empowered as documentarians of our own lives. Another observation: I took a job as a newspaper photo editor just a couple of months after 9/11, and it takes effort to remind myself that film cameras were still being used by the majority of professional photographers – almost all of the iconic photos taken of 9/11 were shot on film.”

Rick McGinnis.

Thank Sdmatt for the vid.