Are you ready for the racist, ‘anti-racist’ confab Durban III?

“…Nine member states, including the US, are already boycotting the September 22 conference. It is clear that no nation that treasures freedom of speech and is dedicated to fighting racism like the kind shown by Libyans who are slaughtering black Africans, should sign this excerable document. But many in the west are less devoted to those concepts – especially where their own anti-Semitism can be exposed.

Hence, mutliculturalism will win out and justice and fairness will lose.”

More Shenanigans…

Turkish warships will escort Gaza aid vessels, pledges Turkish PM

“Given that Turkey is a member of NATO and NATO countries are sworn to protect one another it follows that Turkey is within its rights to ask other NATO members to provide military support against Israel if Turkish ships are attacked by Israel as part of Israel’s blockade of Gaza. Whether that would happen or not is debatable. But one thing is sure Turkey is playing a dangerous game, one that could further inflame hostilities or at the very least weaken the NATO Alliance.”

Palestinian Authority Part of Global Jihad

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