Sun News CBC Poll: Spill It Mothercorp Kommissars!

Brian Lilley – “When it comes to the battle of ideas, CBC has lost the fight to keep their secrets under wraps. The public just doesn’t back them.

I’ve been writing about the state broadcaster and their refusal to release documents to the public for some time now. In that time, we’ve exposed that CBC has refused to tell the public how much absenteeism costs them each year, how much they spend to maintain the taxpayer-funded buildings out of which they operate, and even how much their executives have spent on travel and hospitality.”

Poll blasts CBC use of tax dollars in court

Kristy Kirkup – A majority of Canadians – 64% – believe the CBC should not spend tax dollars to fight its legal battle with Canada’s independent ombudsman, who investigates transparency complaints, according to a poll by the research firm Abacus Data.

 “I think on this issue, the CBC is clearly on the wrong side of public opinion,” Dr. David Coletto

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