The trouble with multiculturalism

“…it’s not just Muslims that need to confront the dark elements of their faith, says Raza. Non-Muslim Canadians, too, must recognize their liberal democratic traditions are threatened, and government-sanctioned multicultural policies make it worse.”

Robert Sibley interview with Raheel Raza in the Vancouver Sun

You know what to do: Immigration Levels and Mix – Stakeholder and Public Consultation

“This past July, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney, along with Parliamentary Secretaries Rick Dykstra and Chungsen Leung, launched a series of cross-country consultations on immigration issues.

As part of this process, this online consultation aims to seek your feedback on Canada’s immigration program. We are asking for your input on:

a) the right level of immigration to Canada (how many?), and;
b) the right mix between the three immigrant classes to Canada (economic, family and protected persons).”

Complete the immigration survey, give em hell.

h/t DH