Alfred Hitchcock – The Holocaust Documentary [Full Length]

“In 1945, the American, Canadian and British armies entered the Rhineland. In it they faced the grisly horror of the Nazi Concentration camps. Hidden by the BBC for decades and deemed unsautable and unfit for viewing bu the general public. Recently released, and kept alive by a short few people for audiences around the world, no one can forget this happened, lest if we forget history, we forget humanity.”

The Muslim Brotherhood, Genocide, and Obama

“…There are the Western apologists for Hamas, who fight against all logic and evidence to portray the group as a viable representative in the Palestinian bid for statehood. People of this mindset generally believe Palestinians to be under the thumb of Zionist oppression, much like the West Berliners who lived in exclaves within East Germany at the time of Kennedy’s speech. To them, the Muslim Brotherhood shares Kennedy’s message of freedom from oppression.

But here’s the problem.”

h/t JH,JEH, Tundratabloids