Moderate Muslim Who Condones Wife Beating Endorses TDSB “Islam First” School Mosqueteria Policy

Leave it to the Toronto Star to fail to inform readers that Jamal Badawi, quoted in their latest Dalton McGuinty puff piece defending the Toronto District School Board’s Mosqueteria policy, is a Muslim Brotherhood member who approves of wife beating & suicide bombing and was named a person of interest in the Holy Land Terrorist Financing trial.

“Speaking to a crowd of more than 10,000 gathered at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Jamal Badawi, a prominent author on Islam, called attempts to stop the Friday prayers at Valley Park Middle School a form of “secular fundamentalism.”

And why would the Star inform their readers that  Radical Islamists, like Badawi & NAMF, who  bring in Muslim Hate Preachers,  support the Islamification of secular schools ?

After all Jamal Badawi meets the Star’s Multicultural Seal of Approval. Head over to Sassy’s, she’s assembled Jamal Badawi’s history, a history evidently unavailable to Star reporters.

Gloria Er-Chua author of the Star’s bullshit wins this week’s “Denise Balkissoon Award” for selective reporting.