It’s True! Islam Is Superior To Christianity: Victim Count – Christian Extremists 6975, Islamic Extremists 170,568

Below is a screen capture from a report generated using the Worlwide Incidents Tracking System. The report is based on “perpetrator characteristic”. The date range filter is January 2001 to 31 July 2011. Geographic coverage is world wide. You may generate your own report, using other variables here.

The Islamist Terror total is a combination of 3 defined characteristics:

Islamic Extremists, Shia, Sunni, and “Islamic Unknown”.

NB: The Christian Extremist Terror Tally is derived almost exclusively from a Ugandan Terror Group the “Uganda Democratic Christian Army”. See Report.

“The Worldwide Incidents Tracking System is the National Counterterrorism Center’s database of terrorist incidents.

According to NCTC definition, terrorism occurs when groups or individuals acting on political motivation deliberately or recklessly attack civilians/non-combatants or their property and the attack does not fall into another special category of political violence, such as crime, rioting, or tribal violence.

For further guidance on criteria, please click on “Methodology”, and then “Criteria” on the WITS home page menu.”