Well it’s 5 pm…

And I’m just back from a visit to the hospital, Mom was taken there last night after experiencing an “event“. This is my latest adventure in health care.

It took about a half hour to locate her after I arrived and once found I asked Mom about any diagnosis, tentative or otherwise, that staff physicians had provided her. I have learned always to double check with the nurses and doctors to confirm Mom’s version of events, aside from being very hard of hearing, let’s just say she is selective in her interpretations.

Off I went to front desk. May I speak to the nurse who is looking after my mother? My mother, the patient in room XX? Do you know which nurse is looking after my mother?


May we find out? This was not easily done, they could not find her name in the computer system, however by a stroke of luck the nurse sitting beside the young lady I was questioning happened to be my Mom’s nurse and was in fact working on her file that very minute.

Can you tell me about my Mother’s condition?  No.

She informs me she has had a battery of tests run, do you have the results?  I don’t know.

May I speak with the Doctor who examined my mother this afternoon. No.

Can you tell me the Doctor’s name? I don’t know.

Can you find out the Doctor’s name for me? I don’t know.

Is there anyone I can contact on this floor able to discuss my mother’s condition?

Maybe a doctor.

Which doctor?

I don’t know.

Should I call this desk tomorrow and ask who her doctor is?

Yes but maybe different doctor tomorrow.

I now know how Basil Fawlty felt.