The Muslim Brotherhood Approves Of The Toronto District School Board Mosqueterias…Must be true the National Post published it

It would be nice if the National Post were to identify the author of the OP-ED.

The author, Amira Elgawaby is a teacher at the Abrarr Muslim School in Ottawa. The Abrarr school was caught red handed rewarding students for their ardent displays of Jew Hatred. Last week the Ottawa Muezzin Citizen published an article by Aisha Sherazi also praising the Mosqueteria’s. Aisha Sherazi was the principal of Jew Hate High.

The Abrarr school, with which both Amira Elgawaby and Aisha Sherazi have direct connections, is a MAC – Muslim Association of Canada School. The Muslim Asscociation of Canada (MAC) are adherents to the teachings of Hassan Al Banna, an admirer of Hitler,  the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood,  and a preacher of genocidal jihad against Kuffars – that’s you Infidel – See “All Muslims Must Make Jihad” 

Below is a document circulated by the Muslim Association of Canada’s “Education Department”.

The document outlines Hassan Al Banna’s thoughts on the limitations of democracy and is an implicit demand that Muslims  adhere to the principles of Sharia Law above all else. NB. an english translation is contained in the document itself.

“And there is Democracy, which respects freedom, appreciates individual talents, and acknowledges the authority of the people but turns into disagreement, conflict, and antagonism that deviated the nation and never saved the people. Then, in the name of personal freedom, it led to permissiveness and indignity that breaks down ethical principles and distorts moral standards.

So, you find the good aspect in each of these systems mixed with bad ones that taints its purity, impedes its effects and blocks its benefits to the people. But you find all these good aspects collected in the prayer clear of any contaminants, free of any evil, and pure like fresh drops of rain.

People enter a mosque to pray to Allah all equal. The mosque is open to all of them, not owned by anyone of them as it is the house of Allah [And the places of worship are for Allah (alone): So invoke not any one along with Allah] (Al-Jin: 18). And this is the best in Communism.”

FYI, your tax dollars fund the Muslim Brotherhood front group the Muslim Association of Canada.
MAC Muslim Association of Canada Education Dept. – Hassan Al Banna on Democracy

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