Spencer responds to smear charges, found guilty in NBC News report

“At one point Isikoff brought up the Southern Poverty Law Center, but when I began responding that the SPLC was a hard-Left propaganda outfit that defames everyone to its right, Isikoff cut me off and said he didn’t want to make the segment about the SPLC. Now I know why…”

Ezra Levant: Breivik no Christian nut, just nuts

“CBC news anchors started repeating every hour: The murderer was by a “Christian fundamentalist” who hated Muslims. Except Breivik didn’t actually kill any Muslims — he went after the Norwegian government and its ruling liberal party.

And the Christian part?

He hadn’t been to a church since he was a teenager. His manifesto said the opposite.”

Progressives Attack Pamela Geller and Counter-Jihad

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