Reader Dan is in Jerusalem and sends along some pics. I loved the city, especially the cats, they rule that town.

“Here are a few pics of Jerusalem. The entrance to the Temple Mount and Dome of the Rock was closed today so I could only get a picture from afar.

“Last night I stayed at Christ Church which is located just inside the old city of Jerusalem. Lots of people, lots of walking. Poor old feet are tired today. Because of Shabbat (Jewish holy day), I could not get a bus back to Beer Sheva until 9pm so I took a Sharoot (a shared taxi) to Tel Aviv and then another Sharoot to Beer Sheva instead.
I went to Masada and Arad yesterday morning. I’ll post a few pics of Masada in another email. Arad is mentioned in the Old Testament. It is a desert town, now surrounded by many Bedouin camps.”