Call me un-inspired: Spineless Conservatives admit they can’t defund the Sea Hitler organizers

…cause they just don’ts knows where the money goes….

Eyecrazy attended a press conference to announce a new holocaust memorial in Ottawa. Jason Kenney and Tim Uppal were there, here’s my take away based on Eye’s report.

One of the prime organizers behind the Sea Hitler’s fund raising efforts was a left wing Jew Hate organization called Alternatives receives Gobs of tax money doled out by our spinless conservative government.

This National Post article dated Jan 25 2010 states that Ottawa announced Alternatives had been defunded, end of story. They are still at the trough. Now Jason Kenney is on record stating that maybe, kinda, one day, sorta, with luck, assuming the planets are alligned just right and the chicken innards bode favourably, that funding just might be cut off for Alternatives Mid East projects only;

“When asked about the fact that Alternatives continued to receive about one million dollars of tax funds in the last fiscal year, Mr. Kenney responded that he understood that funding would cease to that group for it’s mid-east activities. He added that there is $200 Billion dollars dispersed to various programs by the government each year to a huge number of organizations, as that some activities of some of them go unnoticed by the government.”

WTF!?!  It’s your job to notice.