The Monzer Zimmo Saga Continues…Key Staffer In James Moore’s Canadian Heritage Is A Lying Hamas Loving 911 Troofer

Why is minister’s staffer spreading anti-Israel messages from office?

What’s new at the Department of Heritage, with more than 1,200 very important bureaucrats?

Now we know what at least one of those very important bureaucrats is doing: He’s attacking Israel for “murder” and “piracy,” and defending the terrorist group Hamas.

Monzer Zimmo is Heritage Minister James Moore’s financial and business development adviser.

He’s also a Truther — just four days after 9/11, Zimmo wrote “no one is searching for a party who has … the media manipulation skills, and the burning desire to divert world attention from its own actions against innocent civilians under its occupation … No one is considering the possible, direct or indirect, involvement of the state of Israel!”

Now the Hamas luvin prick is denying he posted on Kaffir Kanuck’s site and at one point even suggests Kaffir did it!

Monzer Zimmo the liar: “…I don’t know if it was Mr. Kaffir Kanuck (who wrote this comment).” Or someone else in his office…”