Natural Born Kitty….

FiveFeet and I had an excellent day. We were fortunate enough to be invited to the Sharon Gun Club by our friend Henry.  Besides offering expert instruction in revolver and pistol shooting our host regaled  us with anecdotes from his personal history. Henry was Red-Diaper Baby, Brooklyn born and intimate with many key figures of the new-left.  Did you know a Toronto “professor” has managed to unify the blood and land spirituality common to aboriginals  & Nazi supremacism with Palestinian Jew hatred?  And of course she considers it a good thing!

On to the Guns. We fired various calibres; a  40 mm Glock, 45 mm Glock, .357 mm revolver, a 22 Automatic,  and my fave the Smith & Wesson 44 Magnum – at left.

This is my first grouping with the 44. Henry was impressed I had fired in volley style. I felt born to it, and yes the adrenaline was pumping. Big, Loud, Scary Fun.

You may now call me “Dirty Furry”.

The 40 mm Glock is well designed, it really does feel as if you are pointing your finger. The trigger mechanism is designed for a double tap. The key we were taught is not looking at the target but down the site.

That’s FiveFeet with the 40 Glock.

These are FiveFeet’s “Head Shots” at the IPSC style target.

I will remember that. Thank’s Henry!