Wayne Gretzky’s Hookah Lounge….

I received an e-mail from a reader asking why Hookah lounges in his city are legal while smoking in all other public places is illegal in our fair province. He provided me the following response provided by the Ontario Lung Association:

“Dear X….

“I am following up on a conversation you had with Chris, one of our helpline staff.  Unfortunately, the Smoke-Free Ontario Act does not specifically cover hookah/shisha bars or cafes.  The law covers smoking tobacco in bars and restaurants but many of these bars are claiming that what is being smoked is not tobacco, it is herbal.  The problem comes when enforcement officers go out, they can’t actually figure out whether people are smoking tobacco or “herbal ingredients”, so they cannot lay charges.  We suspect that most of what people are smoking in these bars is tobacco, but there is little ability to prove it.  We have advocated along with many provincial organizations that the law needs to be amended to include these venues and the kinds of things being smoked.

Please let me know if you have any questions.”

So what do they smoke in Hookah’s? Who better to ask than Pot Heads er Medical Marijauna Advocates;)

“It depends on what country you live in. In the US, many people find the illegal substance that you noted as being wasted in a hookah. However, you can find several hundreds of the tobaccos that you’re questioning. It’s usually tobacco, with no additives [unlike cigarettes] meaning no tar, and very very little nicotine. [Usually around .04 %] The tobacco is called “shisha” and can be flavored to taste like nearly anything.” Well that’s Handy!

Sportsbars your time has come….how better to recover lost revenue?