Mosqueteria Madness: “We pledge to promote any weirdness or hatred whatever…”

“We want to take this opportunity to reassure our whole community that that goes against everything we believe here at the Board. Fact and rationality are “out the window” now, in favour of diversity studies, post-modernism, deconstruction, victimhood, and plunging IQs.”

TDSB Policy Paper?
Way to Go, Kafirs!

Martinuk: We rush to accommodate everyone but Christians

Wow what a train wreck! John Tory & Imam “Slammin Steve Rockwell” who takes about 5 seconds to cry “Racist”. John Tory plays his usual idiot self.

From BatB: At the end of the interview, after he’s bloviated on and on about anyone who is against Muslim prayer services in public schools being “Islamophobic,” he makes what I consider to be a threat: “It’s [the demand by Muslims for their Imams to conduct prayer services in public schools/places] going to get bigger. The number of Muslims in this country is exploding exponentially.”

You can see the trajectory of his reasoning: Once Muslims form a large enough proportion of our population, they will demand their “religious and human rights” (they care nothing for others’ human or religious rights) and make sure that these demands are met, however illiberal or coercive their tactics may be.

Letters to the TDSB

“Dear Sirs:

Blazing Catfur brought to my attention your 2003 manual:   Teaching about Human Rights: 9/11 and Beyond A Resource Package for Educators Grades 7–12 and in particular your definition of racism that claims only white people are and capable of being racists in North America.

I understand this manual is still current.

Deeply concerning is perhaps the best euphemistic phrase I can come up with to characterize this definition of racism that singles out whites as racists.  Does the racism of some  blacks, whose hatred against whites is stoked by some racist black leaders, not count as racism?  What about some in our First Nations communities who hate whites and Jews for that matter, such as David Ahenakew? 

If the TDSB finds nothing wrong with its accepted definition, then those deep concerns are directed at your office as well.

Hopefully you will amend your definition of racism to accord with reality. 

I also have other concerns in reading your manual whereby teachers are guided to indoctrinate your students to be sensitive to human rights in an universally humanist, but uncritical way so as to be blindly accepting of claims of infringement of human rights or accusations of being targeted by racists/bigots, without encouraging students to look deeper into such claims to determine whether the grievances made are real, imagined or deliberately alleged in order to gain some kind of advantage in furtherance of a particular agenda.

If educating our youth is to guide them to recognize the importance of being informed, to get all the pertinent facts and to engage in critical thinking, this document in a number of ways, instructs teachers to lead their students to do the opposite.

In your first pages of the manual the statement is made:  This  document has been reviewed for equity. 

In just skimming your manual, I have found a number of instances where statements made were based on questionable or simply false assumptions, statements offered as fact, but  are no more than opinion or a mix of fact and opinion and other definitions and statements that are questionable, if not debatable.

I have to question therefor whether this document was ever reviewed for equity?   If so, I question the reviewer’s notions of equity, fairness, respect for facts in context of all pertinent facts and history and the importance of teaching our youth to critically think and analyze issues in an objective way.

Your reaction to my concerns would be appreciated.”

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