Mosqueteria Update: The TDSB is breaking its own gender discrimination policy

Update: We have not yet begun to FIGHT! I have received very great & good news, details will follow as events unfold.

“…the TDSB has an obligation to see that the values and provisions outlined in its own Human Rights Policy are upheld within its school walls. The policy states that the Board has, “a duty to maintain an environment respectful of human rights and free of discrimination,” and may not “allow or condone behaviour contrary to this policy.”

Hijabbery Jibberish, by Fathima Cader a member of  “No One Is A Beagle” – In NOW magazine of all places,  Oh pleeze.

School prayer debate creates unlikely allies: “It would hurt if they shut down such a small request,” he said. “Our children would think they have no human rights in Canada.”

I suggest Sir that both you and your son need instruction in “Human Rights”. As always the real story is in the comments. This issue will not die it is a fundamental threat to our values as a nation.

Ann nails the conundrum this issue has created for the majority of the leftist appeasers;

I think females on the left, are stunned and gobsmacked because of the “multicultural paradox” triggered by the TDSB’s religious accommodation – Section 27 of the Charter:

“Multicultural heritage, which is protected in section 27, might be used to justify the unequal treatment of women. ..the ‘‘paradox of multicultural vulnerability’’… this paradox, …‘‘the ironic fact that individuals inside the group can be injured by the very reforms that are designed to promote their status as group members in the accommodating, multicultural state…Thus, the feminist framers wanted section 28

to protect women from the hierarchies inherent in the paradox—that is, they wanted religious and other multicultural groups to receive state support only when they subscribed to egalitarian relationships between women and men.” 

The TDSB has proven the claim about the “multicultural paradox” and in so doing have the left speechless except for Heather Mallick. She is pretty clear about the inherent sexism within the multicultural group’s religious practices on display thanks to the TDBSB’s religious accommodation.