Public schools cannot be places of prayer

I missed this Globe editorial while away, it is an excellent piece on the topic.

“There is something troubling about this, especially in the acceptance of a diminished or secondary or simply different role for girls and women in an event facilitated by the school. This is different from permitting girls to wear clothing such as a niqab that mark them, in the eyes of some, as inferior to boys. An individual’s right to free expression in clothing needs no facilitation from the school. Schools should not, though, be handing out face-veils to Muslim girls.”

On my drive to Quebec I listened to Tarek Fatah discuss the soft racism of low expectations held by those who condone the TDSB’s asinine appeasement. I couldn’t help but remember listening to that fool John Tory, who last week stated, “the community” should be allowed to sort the segregation issue out for themselves. What community do these muslisms live in John? Is it not your community as well?