Arnie’s away today, so…

Kathy here!

I’m lazy and it’s Sunday afternoon, so I’m cross-posting my “obit” for Betty Ford, from my blog.


* Today in “racism”? When you bear in mind that African-American women are as particular about their hair as Caucasian women are about their bodies, this actually makes sense; this is the black equivalent of breast groping:

“Poofy hair” and the TSA.

* Sarah Palin graces the cover of the next Newsweek. The trouble is, every photo I see of Sarah Palin now looks photoshopped to me, as if it MUST be part of some lame lefty joke — even if it isn’t. She looks a lot older than she did two years ago, too. No surprise I guess (although I doubt she gets the same retouching love as Hilary Clinton would get under the same circumstances.)

* Short and sweet post from “damped Jew” Michael Coren

* Only 29 days until Mark Steyn’s new book comes out!