Breaking…Wahida Valiante upset at anti-semitism…


Related: Dear Tim Hudak, though I won’t be voting for you or your party this coming election I do hope you throw Wahabara Hall out on her fat dhimmi ass at the 1st available opportunity should you manage a win.

Muslim Brotherhood Front organization CAIR Canada endorses the dhimmification of the Toronto District School board. Surprise! Read about CAIR-CAN board member Jamal Badawi here, an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Terror funding trial. Excellent coverage on Jamal Badawi here.

“In April 2006, Abdullah and Badawi co-authored a fatwa encouraging Muslim proselytizing to Christians and Jews, but finding gross sin in Muslim conversions outside Islam.21 When scholars distinguish apostasy “not punishable by death,” from “apostasy… accompanied by … high treason,” Badawi wrote, the death penalty is still administered — for high treason. The distinction would not comfort the murder victims, in either sort of fiqh ruling.