Virgin Surgery – Wonder if that “value” is taught at the TDSB?

“Islamic Perspective of Parenting in a Muslim family”

‘You thought it was just “mosques”? Uh uh, the TDSB operates madrassa’s in public schools as well. I came across this story – Virgin surgery’ practised in Canada and wondered… is this what’s taught in TDSB sanctioned madrassa’s?

Why not? They segregate the Girls at Valley Park Middle School Mosque and refuse to allow menstruating girls to participate at all.

It only makes sense that these sorts of “values” are being taught at the Madrassa’s the TDSB allows to operate in publicly funded schools.

Well isn’t this a nice Multicultural Slap in the Face to Canadian values:

“While Islamic education should and, in most cases, does begin at home, it is formally and systematically conducted through the Madrasah. Thus, the Madrasah plays a major role in developing the Islamic identity of our children. The prevailing and dominant cultures and values of our former country of domicile, be it in the Indian sub-continent, Africa or the Middle East, in most cases reinforced our Muslim identity. The challenge in the West is a more daunting one in that the culture and values are not only at variance with our own, but also often promote enticing counter-culture values. ”

This is what is taught at Toronto District School Board Madrassa’s. h/t Ann