Tim Hudak Has Lost My Vote

Ontario Tories on Muslim prayer in schools: it’s not for politicians to decide

“Progressive Conservative critic Elizabeth Witmer said her party had no intention to bringing up religion in schools in the upcoming election, noting that this case is specific to one school board and it was up to them to sort out.  “We have indicated that we would not be bringing this (faith-based funding) forward again, we feel that the people did speak last time and our position is that this is an issue that the Toronto board needs to deal with,” she said.”

This is a cop out by yet another mealy mouthed pseudo-conservative. The “issue” is not about faith based funding, that is a red herring. The issue is about a discriminatory practice condoned by the TDSB.  The Ontario Tories forget that we are already fed up with Harper’s principles of convenience.

Tim Hudak has lost my vote.

As Flea reminds us there are alternatives: “A reminder – Ontario has a Reform Party. I am on very friendly terms with their people in Ottawa South and can vouch for their intentions.


It isn’t a wasted vote if it helps the cocktail party “conservatives” get the message.”