The London Free Press: All the News That Doesn’t Get Them Muslims Mad At Us…

So tell us Joe what exactly does the London Free Press Do? You’re not “Free” and you clearly don’t “Press” anything:

“I’ve spoken now to the two reporters and their editor and I’m satisfied with their explanations that they did not feel they drew enough of sufficient broad reader interest from the interviews or the protest – the numbers of people, what if any stir it might be causing, etc – to include in our related stories on those days.

I’m sure that won’t be satisfying to you, I’m sorry.

I would only add that you may guess given the volatility of the Gaza boats story and the charged emotion on both sides, we have been very circumspect about what we are writing locally about the subject.

You should know, for instance, that I have turned away unsolicited opinion pieces by writers from each side in recent days and we have been very careful about the letters we’re allowing into print.”

Joe Ruscitti

Editor In Chief

This is part of an on going e-mail exchange between Joltin Joe and an as yet unnamed 3rd party, more will be revealed later.

For some background on the fear that governs the London Free Press read this account of a column on the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in London Ontario mosques that the LFP spiked. The article was written by long time writer & columnist Rory Leishman who ultimately resigned in disgust.