A parasitical symbiosis: Public Service Unions & The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal

If as a private citizen or businessman you required one more reason before demanding that the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal and the Ontario Human Rights Commission be neutered then perhaps this is it;

On Sept. 28th 2011 the Ontario Federation of Labour is hosting a “teach-in” on how to use the tribunal.

“The workshop provides an opportunity to learn from the experiences of labour and community activists on how the tribunal functions and the impact on your members. It will be of interest to affiliate leadership and activists.”

Objectivity, due process? They don’t apply in Kangaroo Land and the OHRT doesn’t even care if you know whose side they’re really on. Tribunal Assistant Chair David Wright will be among the speakers, and all the usual public union parasites will be represented, among them OPSEU & the OSSTF & CUPE. That’s a nice cozy relationship for them, but not for Ontario residents who pay the price for this Kangaroo Kourt.

HRT Workshop Complete, September 28 2011