Islamic students pray at public school

Toronto Sun: “Schwartz said the service, which is not a TDSB program, was allowed at the school following requests from the Muslim community. “It is a safety issue,” she said on Thursday. “Students were leaving for the mosque during the day and some weren’t returning.”

Uh Huh.

Gee haven’t I seen this story somewhere before???
SunTV covered the story on Round Up this morning as did John Oakley on AM 640, I just received this e-mail and am trying to verify the information:

“Hi there,

Love your blog. I hope you can help to get the word out on this bit of upsetting information.

I have a source at the XXXX who tells me that the XXXX had a reporter working on the school mosque story that I believe your blog first broke.

The source said that the reporter working on the story uncovered a number of interesting details, including the facts that the school mosque called for the separation of boys and girls (violation of school board regs) and that menstruating girls are not allowed to attend the prayer sessions.

Just as the reporter’s piece was all set to run, XXXX editors killed it. The reporter, a male whose name I don’t have yet, is said to be – unsurprisingly – extremely upset at this censorship. The word in the XXXX newsroom is that political pressure at the municipal level from a local well-known Muslim politician was applied to the XXXX editors who promptly caved and put all the reporter’s hard work in the trash can.

The story, it seems, was following the equality angle, ie: that the cafeteria mosque is a violation of equality regulations in the way that it discriminates against girls.
Admire your guts. Keep it up. Many of us are cheering you on.”

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