A Pride Parade victory

“Sue Ann-Levy- This year’s Pride Parade was a big win on one front.

Marching along the parade route with Kulanu — the Jewish lesbian and gay social group — I did not see one anti-Israeli apartheid or similar hatemongering sign.

Sue-Ann Levi;)

It was a far cry from last year’s parade when the Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) element, the Coalition for Free Speech advocates and their CUPE supporters were out in full force spewing their hate. In fact, the only time throughout the weekend that the anti-Israel crowd came out from under their rock was at Saturday’s Dyke March when a small contingent of “Free Palestine” advocates joined the march.

Word is that Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti taped their chants and it will now be up to the mayor and council to decide whether Pride will get its $123,807 grant this year.”

Looks like QuAIA maned to sneak in 1 sign after all…Bye Bye Funding

Xtra assists QuAIA