Gaza Floptilla Mini Round Up!

Still struggling to get caught up, many e-mails remain to be answered and I have a busy day ahead of me! Bear with me!  The picture below is from the Floptilla “Bon Voyage Party” it translates from Turkish as “well done”.

Lieberman: Gaza flotilla activists blaming Israel for their own failure

Socialists have joined arms with Islamists in a “Red-Green Alliance” aimed at isolating and delegitimizing Israel.

Aussie Cops smackdown anti-Israeli “Flash MoB”

Gaza flotilla ships to set sail Monday, organizers say
Sandra Ruch quotes from the Protocols…

Thank Nexus for the vid…

Here’s another Canuck shitheel David Heap of UWO, what a slime, added bonus Sandra Ruch – still crazy, h/t Jawa & SMW