Gaza Floptilla Updates…

Gaza Flotilla 101 check out this site, excellent round up!

Gaza flotilla: riding on a wave of narcissismGaza-bound do-gooders claim they only want to send ‘love’ to Palestinians. The evidence suggests they’re more in love with themselves.”

Gazans unimpressed by flotilla – “Israeli claims over futility of flotilla receive reinforcement from surprising direction – Gazan businessmen who say it isn’t imports that are problem, it’s exports. ‘Gaza doesn’t need anymore humanitarian aid,’ says Gisha movement director

Understandable SilenceIt’s understandable that the BBC has chosen to wait for the grand finale before reporting any news about the forthcoming Gaza flotilla, even if the build-up has caused a stir elsewhere.So far they have had nothing to say about the elaborate preparations currently taking place in 12 European countries and various other far-flung locations. “
Hamas Leader In Greece Seen Training Gaza Flotilla Crew…

More Floptilla Updates: “The flotilla organizers face technical, bureaucratic and political difficulties. Nevertheless, for the time being they are preparing to dispatch the flotilla, even though there will be fewer ships. There is a growing discrepancy between the original plan for the flotilla and the current problematical situation, from the organizers’ point of view. In the meantime there are more indications of the presence of violent elements among the passengers.”

B’nai Brith calls on Justice Minister to warn Canadian flotilla participants of possible legal consequences