Mackenzie Institute: “Just say “NO” to Sharia Law”

“Over the past 20 years, Muslim immigrants have arrived inside the Western World en masse. The majority moved here for the usual reason – to seek a better life for themselves and their children — but some brought a very different agenda. The terrorism that has so captured Western public attention is but an adjunct to a wider political movement that seeks to transform Western society and to make Islam the world’s dominant religion.

Separation of legitimate immigrants from activists is not easy, but there is one issue that can be readily spotted and provides our society with a simple prescription for our defence. Muslim activists have campaigned hard for recognition of Sharia Law as a supplemental or alternative measure for their co-religionists living here.

This is a ‘Trojan Horse’ issue and is seldom an innocent suggestion…..”

Mackenzie Institute: “Just say no to sharia law”