Rob Ford Doesn’t Need To March With A Bunch Of Naked Exhibitionists

Barbara Kay lets loose on the idiots who demand that our Mayor attend an event whose only remaining purpose is to serve as an excuse for public lewdness.

“Pride doesn’t need public money, any more than strip shows do. Millions of tolerant, non-homophobic Canadians find nothing to celebrate in lewd self-promotion. Rob Ford is one of them, I assume. He would do everyone a favour if he never marched in another Pride parade again.”


Rob Ford Chooses Cottage Over Pride Parade – Cue Wailing & Knashing Of Teeth

From all the usual suspects, who didn’t and won’t ever vote for him anyway.

As usual the real story is in the comments. The media try to create a “tempest in a teapot” only to have their narrative derailed by readers.