Mark Harding Says Goodbye

Ladies and gentlemen. Brothers and Sisters.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to those who have supported me and my mission over the last twenty five years, to expose Islam and help those who have been and still are persecuted because of its evil teachings.

The world has no idea the trouble that surrounds them because of this barbaric ideology. I have done what I can to teach you what I have learned. I have been accused of hating Muslims in Canada, this has been a lie all along and God knows the truth. I don’t hate Muslims, I hate Islam and its teachings of hatred against those who will not bow down to this satanic moon god of Islam, Allah.

Now it is the time for me to say goodbye. I have decided to retire from this work and spend some time perhaps to write a book about my journey.

I hope and pray that those of you, who now are seeing what I have seen for the last 25 years regarding this satanic religion called Islam, will continue to expose it to those who have been decieved. There are now many more young people in universities and churches who are involved in this work and who are capable. To those who will continue, I wish you Gods speed to get the news out as much and as quickly as possible, time is of the essence for our nations. This road that I have traveled has been strenuous for me and even more so for my family, but we have survived by the grace of God and you will to. Be strong, committed and trust in God.

I will be making one final appearance, God be willing, in Toronto at Yonge St and Queen St on July 1 st. 2011, 12 noon, to support Israel. I will stand with an Israel flag and I hope some of you might be able to join me. It is not only to support Israel, but to show our faith in the God of Israel, to show support for those who are being persecuted for believing in the God of Israel, Jews and Christians alike, and to show that Canada supports Israel.

I hope you will join us in our effort on that date.

May the only God, the God of Israel, bless you all and keep you and our nation safe and free from the slavery that Islam leads men and women into.

Your friend and brother.

Mark Harding

Mark was the individual sentenced to Islam by our courts. A video interview with Christine Williams is here.