Finally a contest to call our own!

Too funny:  “Cair” to release “Islamophobia” Report.

“The groundbreaking report also lists the “worst” Islamophobes…”

Woo Hoo!  Ladies and Gentlemen of the Academy….I can dream can’t I? Someone has to have noticed my star turn in the Washington Post, Lil o’l me from small town Canuckistan listed among the Bright Lights of Blogway! “Like so many posts, Rubenfeld’s article was circulated incestuously amongst the hate bloggers and caught fire online. In addition to its prominent placement on Pajamas Media, Rubenfeld’s article was featured on the Jawa Report, Daniel Pipes’ Campus Watch, Blazing Cat Fur (the blog which hosted an “Everybody Draw Muhammad” contest), the influential political site Free Republic, Tea Party websites, and other blogs including The West, Islam, and Sharia, Project Shining City, Infidel Blogger’s Alliance, Socialism is Not the Answer, the website for America’s Independent Party, and too many others to name.”

OH NO! I didn’t make the final cut!

h/t CC