Canadian Muslim World League States: Jews Are Racist Even In The Afterlife

The Muslim World League is a Saudi Arabian exporter of Wahhabism. Their Canadian office is located in Mississauga Ontario.

Their Canadian site contains some interesting content. On their links page among the usual suspects such as the Canadian Islamic Congress, CAIR & ISNA are found the Muslim Brotherhood and the terrorist organization Hizb ut-Tahrir.  Par for the course, nothing we haven’t all come to expect, but wait there’s more…

On there publications page is found this document, “Islam & Some Vital Issues”, written by Dr. Arafat Elashi ( also spelled Al-Ashi & El-Ashi) the former director of the Muslim World League’s Canadian office, and it’s a doozie. Doc hits for the cycle, advocating Saudi style sharia law ranging from polygamy – pg 38, cutting off the hands of thieves – pg 134, and my fave, found on pg. 145, where the Dr. condemns the “mercenary pens” who claim there are “hidden homosexual Muslims” in Toronto.

But one issue is most vital to our Wahhabi scribe. In the section entitled “Who will go to heaven” – pg 109, the Good Doctor. engages in some comparative jew hatin…er.. religious study:

“In the scriptures of Jews we notice that the concept of life after death is a vague one. It is, in fact, a materialistic concept, and it is also a racist one. For Jews God is a pro-Jewish Lord. He gives them the right to crush and eliminate all other nations who are called Goyim (non-Jews). These people do not deserve to be human and naturally do not qualify to enter Heaven. It is a concept of bias, hatred and racism.”
There’s more of course, such as the “Brief History Of Palestine” – pg 195. A history so brief it’s absent of fact…here’s a sample: On May 15, 1948 seven Arab armies entered Palestine not to liberate it but to control those parts of Palestine given by the Partition resolution which gave only 43% of Palestine to its rightful owners. The Arab armies were 21,000 fighters strong while the Zionists were 61,000 fighters strong.”

Enjoy it all and be thankul for this fine addition to our multicultural mosaic.Islam & Some Vital Issues