University of Regina stands up for freedom of expression

“Canadian universities have been doing a lousy job protecting and nurturing freedom of expression. Time and again, administrators either curtail freedom in favour of other concerns or turn away when others attempt to do so. Professors hardly utter a word of criticism when this happens.

That’s why it’s so gratifying that the University of Regina acted quickly to defend freedom of expression and the integrity of its mission recently.”

By Mark Mercer

Another view: University of Regina Steps in it Again

Update: “Checking the comments this morning I wondered about the one from Minicapt, about whether I might have written tongue-in-cheek. I’m not sure I understand what Minicapt means. I thought I was sincere. I’m a bit embarrassed by the fact that I’m excited and happy that an academic, Dean Kleer, did the obviously right thing. After all, one should expect people to do the right thing when it’s obvious what the right thing to do is.

About Kaffir Kanuck: it is possible that Dean Kleer and the University of Regina would have acted differently had the incident involved a talk critical of gay marriage or homosexuality, or had it called for a boycott of Muslim businesses. But the incident itself gives us no reason to think that he or it would have acted differently. Dean Kleer has not voiced an opinion on the content or merits of Eaton’s talk. There’s no reason not to think this wasn’t simply a case of a Dean serving his professors and his institution’s mission.

I did not in my article accuse the RDBID of curtailing free speech. The RDBID is within its rights to pull out of events it doesn’t like. Still, the RDBID can be faulted on three grounds. It can be faulted for pulling out of a commitment; it can be faulted for not knowing what it was getting into in the first place (someone must have been asleep at the wheel!); it can be faulted for not speaking honestly about why it said no to the talk.

Mark Mercer