Understanding Online Radicalization: The Jihadi Forums

“This series, “Understanding Online Radicalization,” seeks to shed light on how the Internet functions as a tool for radicalizing would-be terrorists. It will answer questions about the kinds of websites popular among jihadists, how these sites have used new media and technology, and how they appeal to young people. “

Related: Austria Detains Alleged Islamic Extremist – Austrian authorities have detained an alleged Islamist extremist identified as Yusuf O. The 26-year-old from Berlin trained in Afghanistan and boasted about attacking “infidels.” But it is unclear whether he was embarking on a terror plot or simply heading home after becoming disillusioned with his cause.

I got a kick out of this message, “Fiesse Harddisk” to German Jihadi’s from the Jundallah Jihad media outlet. It’s in German and basically translates as – “Our hard drive got fried by a virus, the magazine will be late – send money;)

“Fiese Harddisk“