The Amazing Unedited Apology Of Vancouver Rioter Camille Cacnio

This is an amazing piece. It is the original apology posted by Miss Cacnio which she has since “disappeared“.

It quickly devolves from apology to full blown victimhood in the span of a few paragraphs, with asides on her belief in “Ecology & Sustainability” (she tried to save trees during the riot proving she’s a good person) coupled with a bizarre outburst of feminist bravado:

“Here’s another thing that bothers me: why is everybody so surprised that a female partook in the riot? What is with this attitude that females are incapable of doing what men can do? Maybe it takes an event like this to show you misogynists that woman are fully capable of anything you can do.”.

Miss Cacnio finishes with flair by launching attacks on her detractors and all those who have disowned her. Our remorseful rioter asserts that looting is forgivable if you’re not burning cars. Perhaps, but her original apology is another matter entirely.

I did post, for posterity’s sake, the 9 original screen shots I took of her apology, all of which are here, however, browse the saved word version of the post below, it’s much easier to read.

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