Public Shaming

Trupeers suggests you have a look at publicshamingeternus which seeks to publicly expose the Vancouver rioters, most of whom appear to be the products of nice middle class homes.

I’m not surprised, when I was in high school a friend entered Queens University. I would visit the occasional weekend. One of my first was for the now notorious “Homecoming’. I stood in wonder as our sons of privilege hurled beer bootles at police cars. Given this was long before the advent of social media they held little fear of ever being caught. What explains Vancouver?

Another view: “I guess I wasn’t surprised at all that things got so bad in Vancouver with “da yoot.” Isn’t this where DOA was from – the biggest bunch of dimwit loser punk shit-for-brains to ever make a career out of having a pseudonym like “Shithead?” Vancouver has always been ground zero for the biggest toerag fuck-ups in the punk scene, and they went from pariah status to local heroes in a generation. Thanks edgy, self-congratulatory media for celebrating grimy mohawk on a pimpled scalp with the usual circle-A patch on the piss-and-beer-stinking denim vest fuckheadedness then crying crocodile tears when mainstreaming that sort of behaviour comes back and shits on your lawn.”

Water Polo Hooliganism Behind Vancouver Riot I’ve always felt sorry for the horses.