JDL to offer Sea Hitler a warm Send Off

Details here: Meet the Hamas Proxies for the Sea Hitler as they leave

Don’t forget today’s event, a protest outside Jack Layton’s office Noon till 1 pm.

Flotilla Watch 2011

“Shurat HaDin (SH), the Israeli Legal Center, is implementing several strategies to stop the international flotilla against Israel. One is a civil lawsuit against 14 ships set to participate in this flotilla. A second action is Shurat HaDin’s legal warning to Inmarsat that under U.S. law they will be open to charges of aiding and abetting terrorism if they provide services to these Gaza-bound ships. A third action by SH is their letter to maritime insurance companies informing them that by insuring sea vessels used by terrorists their company will be liable for any future attacks carried out by those terrorists. Read the sections below for the details of SH’s actions.” h/t Ann