Conservatives buy seat on Sea Hitler Gaza Boat with your tax dollars…

The alleged Conservative government we recently elected kindly donated $39,000.00 of your tax dollars to the London Mosque via the vote buying slush fund they set up known as the Security Infrastructure Program. The slush fund’s ostensible purpose is to dole out lavish amounts of your money to communities at risk of “hate crimes”.

So how did the London Mosque repay the Conservatives for your largesse? Well for starters they hosted a fundraiser for the Sea Hitler. But of course that’s not all, it never is. The London Mosque is also sending it’s Operations Manager Muhammed Hamou on the Sea Hitler cruise.

Update: The London Mosque attempted to scrub their site of reference to their Operations Manager and Sea Hitler member Muhammed Hamou, thank goodness for Google Cache!

One other thing to note about the London Mosque, this “charity” received a whack of money from “foreign sources” according to their latest filing.  Did we really have to buy them a seat on the Sea Hitler Stephen?  Shouldn’t you have someone looking into the source of those funds?

“Total revenue received from all sources outside Canada (Line 4575) $ 169,575.00

The London Mosque openly admits it’s affiliations with the Al-Magrib Institute, the Muslim Students Association, and the Muslim Botherhood front the Muslim Association of Canada who worship at the feet of Hassan al-Banna, the Muslim Brotherhood founder and proponent of Jihad.

Thank you Stephen Harper, now get your hand out of my pocket.