Sea Hitler Round Up…The NDP Socialist Caucus, Sid Ryan, and Psychos-Analyzed

A double shot of Coren. Sid Ryan makes an ass of himself supporting the Sea Hitler in the Coren Vid, but that’s not news;) Coren analyzes the makes-up of the Sea Hitler Crew and it’s supporters:

“But what stunned me about these protestors is how many of them seem to be personally broken. The preponderance of sexual perversion, unhappiness, obvious and morbid rates of over-eating, and self-loathing are extraordinary. I also have to ask how they find the time and money to take what are really extremely long vacations….”

So why tell me, is the NDP Socialist Caucus Hosting a BDS Sea Hitler event if the NDP “support Israel” Good O’l Whorehouse Jack talkin outta both sides of his mouth again…

——– Original Message ——–
Subject:        NDP Socialist Caucus Forum: Solidarity with Palestine and the Boycott of Israeli Apartheid
Date:   Tue, 14 Jun 2011 05:35:34 +0000

 Everyone is welcome to attend the….
*NDP Socialist Caucus Public Forums**at the NDP federal convention in Vancouver, B.C.
*Friday, June 17  12:30 p.m.  Room 208, Vancouver Convention Centre
*/Solidarity with Palestine and the Boycott of Israeli Apartheid/*Speakers:
*Hanna Kawas*, Chairperson, Canada-Palestine Association, radio co-host of ‘Voice of Palestine’, which has been on the air for almost 24 years in British Columbia.
*Karen DeVito*, a delegate on the Canadian Boat to Gaza, “Tahrir”, member of the CBG committee in Vancouver*, *SFU alumna.
*Tom Baker*, Socialist Caucus steering committee member, Delegate Hamilton-Centre NDP.
Plus a representative (t.b.a.) of the Canadian Union of Public Employees – Ontario.